Bags of Fun

Bags of Fun

Well I am really excited about the denim bag challenge as people are joining and the group is growing nicely. Actually I am stupidly delighted at the amount of people who are going to join. You have to visualise a plump middle aged woman singing with an Aussie accent around the house as I potter about doing the daily domestic tasks. I am like a kid the night before Christmas full of excitement and anticipation with too much energy simply bubbling out all over the place. A big welcome and friendly wave to the people who have said they want to join in on the fun.

Drum roll … so far people who are joining in are

Linda at Chloe’s place of course was the person who triggered the idea when she posted an image of a bag she is working on.

Beche-la-mer of Two Cents an Aussie who enjoys crazy quilting and is joining in on the fun. Maureen of Tangledthreads another Aussie and Annie Whitsed Annie’s Crazy World have said they are joining in.

Allison Aller has a website and keeps a works in progress blog . Since she makes bags all the time I bet she is likely to trounce the lot of us.

Dawn from On the banks of Bay Creek I originally met Dawn in the early days of one of the big US based discussion lists that centred on crazy quilting. So I am thrilled to see her join in too.

Becky who has just established Crochet and embroidery and Adrian of Adrian’s Embellishments is going to join in.

Arlee of Albedo Design and Mary-Frances of Frequently Wrong, But Never in Doubt are both with us too.

Marianne from Estonia has dropped me an email she has a blog too titled Heegeldab (it’s in Estonian but pictures speak all languages). Another language other than English, participant is Emmy Schoonbeek who is a Dutch crazy quilter check out her Crazy quilting here.

I think Kay Susan’s exclamation means she is going to join in too as at the smockery she has just completed a tote.

Karen Wahl is a painter and costume designer who makes and sells bags . Karens blog is glitteringsky . While you are over there check out her drawing skills Karen has some great portraits up for people to see.

Robin Atkins is a bead artist and author. Do check out her site one of the reasons that this post is late is because I spent far too long in her gallery. I love the beaded hand bound book. The cover is totally beaded an encrusted with fine beadwork yet it goes absolutely nowhere near kitsch which many of heavily beaded items done today do. Have a look at Moss & Wildflowers too. I am dying to see what she does with a pair of cut off old jeans.

Jackie Wight and Marty have both said they want to play. Since they did not leave details of a website or blog I assuming they don’t have one. If either of you do please email me and I will cross link but either way I am totally thrilled that people are joining in that do not have sites. I was hoping that people who do not have sites or blogs would do so as I didn’t want it to be a bloggers only type of thing so I am frantically waving in a friendly manner too!

Before my arm falls off with all this waving I should say I have decided to title the challenge ‘bags of fun’ as that what I think it will be. I have set up a category in this blog and will set up a flickr group so everyone who wants to can post images to it and people can go to the group page and browse the images of all the work in progress if they want to. So stay tuned for that too. The other thing is that I am going to put links in my side bar to all people who are playing under the category of ‘bags of fun’.

As I said yesterday the guidelines are pretty wide and when it is finished I will host a gallery site of images of all the bags. If I have left anyone out please drop me an email or leave a comment. If you do leave a comment remember that they are moderated so you will not see them published on the site until I click the OK button. This is just to block spam I am not trying to censor or control things its just a fact of life online.

Now I have to dash other facts of life like work calls.


  1. Hi Sharon…no, I don’t have a blog or a site. I’m a chubby, retired creator of magical things. This is the best time of my life…and I’m eager to join in the fun. Jackie

    Jackie Wight
  2. I would like to become one of you “bag ladies”. I’ve been a lurker on your site for quite a while. I love CQ and I’m working on several projects. I don’t have a blog but my e-mail address is: (sharon b here – interupting this comment rudely- I have held this email address back to prevent spammers harvesting this email address but Sybil has provided it to me)

    Sybil Horton from Mobile, Alabama, on the Great Gulf Coast of the U.S.

    Sybil Horton
  3. Hi Sharon 🙂
    can I join in too. Left a comment yesturday which bypassed your moderation and went straight on the board! My blog is ‘astitchintime’ . Have a problem leaving comments as I cannot see what I am typing – it’s all blank! so please excuse typos – here’s what I said yesturday – if this oges straight on just delet 🙂

    Sign me up too – cant resist!

    Is the email addy for Carole re: templates correct ? My outlook express says it’s not valid.

    Jacqui Mulcahy

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