Katrina Relief Sampler

Katrina Relief Sampler

There is a long history of quilters, knitters, and stitchers of all types picking up their needles and making things for fundraising drives. Stitchers raise money for both research such as research into breast cancer and other illness and whenever there is a catastrophe within days there are projects launched to assist victims. For stitchers the Katrina Relief Sampler has been released. The chart costs $10.00 US and all money is going to Red Cross for the victims of the Hurricane. I have just proceeded to the checkout with my order for this sampler as this for a good cause but it’s a nice sampler too!

If anyone else knows of relief fundraisers would they please drop me a line or leave a comment and let me know so that I can pass the word on? I have been googling to see if any other fundraisers have been announced but not been successful. Anyone heard of any quilt drives? If we are going to be sitting and watching this devastation on the evening news we may as well be stitching and helping with relief each in a little way, while we watch in sympathy.


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