Jesters today and in the past

Jesters today and in the past

I am still poking about collating together ideas for my Katrina block for the All that Jazz Quilt project. I discovered on Drea Leed’s Elizabethan Costume Page there is a new section devoted to Depictions of Jesters and Fools in Medieval and Renaissance Art . Don’t miss browsing at least some of these links as the history is fascinating.

This site in turn lead me to these images of jesters from The jesters Mask

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  1. I don’t feel I have any all-encompasing wisdom to share, (yet anyways) but I find if I follow these rules my life goes a whole lot smoother….

    1) Your keys and your wallet are the two most important things you own. Don’t loose them.
    2) Drink lots of water, get lots of sleep.
    3) Never leave printing to the last minute.

    Love your site!

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