On the Hoop and Online Crazy Quilt Classes to run in the New Year

On the Hoop and Online Crazy Quilt Classes to run in the New Year

There has been quite a bit of progress on the block for the All that Jazz Katrina survivor fund raiser. As you can see I am still blocking in areas. As yet the only section that is actually done is the music. It is a real piece of music. Can anyone read what it is? Leave a comment if you can.

I wanted to get the music section done because it runs right across the block. It had to be this size in order to get a couple of bars of music in but it poses a problem because it runs right across. This will be solved by leading parts of the mask, wisteria and magnolias over the music. That will push it back. There is still heaps to do on it but at least it is progressing.

Since the Katrina blocks are due to me on December 8 for anyone who has completed a block please post them to me as soon as you have done so. It means that I can organise the gallery and don’t have a last minute scanning horror stretch. Do feel free to post progress shot to the the flickr group called All that Jazz Katrina Hurricane Survivor Quilt

Thanks for all the comments about the new blog design. Generally they are positive. As people can see from the comments I have one comment saying text size is too big and a second email saying its too small. If anyone is in the same situation these are settings that can be changed in the preferences of your browser.

Crazy Quilting Classes online

On another note I have some exciting news, as in the new year I am going to run a series of online workshops on Crazy quilting for beginner level to intermediate stitchers via joggles.com. It will start in the new year sometime after mid February. Class announcements at joggles.com are not up yet but they will be before Christmas. They will be a six week series of lessons that not only tackles the techniques of crazy quilting but also the key design elements applied to crazy quilting.

Meanwhile I have a horror couple weeks ahead of me at work so I won’t be blogging. I am still here and will be moderating comments and answering email etc just not writing my usual morning blog entry. Expect to see bouncing back in here on the 19th energetically rabbiting on about things related to stitching, the classes I am writing, the Katrina blocks and life in general.

So for now I am signing off spining my chair in a 360 degree circle and waving to all corners of the globe – don’t forget me !


  1. Hi Sharon. Willa will be sending 8 of my baggies for the Aussie/US swap along with the other 200+. But in the mean time, I’ve got a block almost finished for the Katrina quilt. I really hope mine is chosen. Hmmmm. Just like everyone else who will be senidng one in. One of these days, I’d like to be considered a true artist. Plus, LA, Mississippi,and parts of Florida need some lovin’. Stitchin’ is what I do, so I’ll be sending my love in a couple of days. Even if it’s not chosen, I’m glad I can contribute to this land and people who I love. Kim

    Kimberly Snover
  2. Hi, Just found your web sight, would you please e mail me when your crazy quilt on-line class will start. The price of the class so I can save up by the time it starts ect.

  3. this is my first look at your website and I was blown away by your all that jazz block. can’t wait to see the finished product. i am very interested in the crazy quilt online class. love the medium and can’t wait to start your class

  4. Sharon,
    Wow, I know what my christmas gift is going to be to myself. I am taking your class:) I have learned so much just visiting your site. I am just in awe of the beautiful cq I see and the bags of fun were such a joy to watch. I’ll be waiting to see your blog on the 19th. Thanks for such a wonderful site.

    Julia White
  5. Unfortunately I can’t read music, but I love the two-toned wisteria blossoms. I’m very much looking forward to the classes… I love this medium and want to explore it more fully.

    Don’t make yourself too crazy with work!



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