Morning Musings

Morning Musings

For the Aussies did anyone see ‘Grumpy Old Women on Christmas’ screened on the ABC last night. I was in hysterics giggling so much I pricked my fingers 3 times as I was trying to stitch.

I was in total fits at that woman who when asked about gifts did not like ‘anything handmade’ and was particularly scathing about people who made their own cards. Mind you there was another woman who did not like cards at all. How could people not like hand made cards? This was a totally new concept to me as it never occurred to me that someone would not like a hand made card. Afterwards, I was thinking that the common thread was that these women felt they had to do particular things in order to celebrate Christmas and their personalities were such that they were competitive about everything – cooking, gift shopping, decorating the house, Christmas dinner the works. I suppose if you are competitive a hand made card becomes yet another thing to be competitive about.

I ‘do’ Christmas as I feel like it. Some years are bigger than others as my time can be limited. I believe in ‘doing’ Christmas to the amount of energy I have that year. I don’t believe in running myself ragged or being exhausted by the time the day arrives. People who love you don’t expect it either. I am a ‘keep it in perspective’ person and on the years that I can put a greater effort in I do because I want to, and no other reason. It’s a gift to others, and some years you can give more of yourself than others – it’s simple. This year will be a middling effort as I have two other major things I am juggling.

One thing that I has been breaking into my day has been that I am have been busy frantically counting votes for peoples favourite block for the All that jazz quilt fundraiser. To my relief we have a clear lead. I was beginning to get concerned because a draw would cause a problem and I had not thought of such an eventuality. If people have not taken a look at the competitors crazy quilt blocks in the Gallery for this project please do so, and don’t miss out on voting. For anyone who has just landed on the site the project is a fundraiser for Katrina survivors and all the details are here project.

The second big thing I am working on is of course the lessons for the crazy quilting online course which will start in February. I am tapping away at the keyboard fairly constantly at the moment but hope to have some fresh examples to illustrate some of the design points I want to make.

It’s great that I decided to do this block of teaching as it has pushed me to be very productive and when ever I am working on one thing I start thinking of other possibilities as a result I have ideas popping all over the place and am thinking about personal projects for next year after the lessons are done. I have two big crazy quilting projects that I have fallen in love with the idea of and am trying to decide if I should do both concurrently or try to be sensible and do one after another. So I am dithering about on the decision. Is anyone else thinking of goals for next year?


  1. Kay Susan said “Stuff the Grumpy old women!” and I couldn’t agree more. Especially the one who said “I don’t like crafts!” Whaaaaat??? She should get a life. I loved the show all the same and resolved to keep on hanging my childrens hand-crafted decorations on my tree each year, even though they might be 25 yrs old (the decorations, not the children….)

    Vivienne Garforth
  2. Sharon, is this the same ‘Grumpy Old Women’ shown in the UK with Germaine Greer, Maureen Lipman, Jenny Eclair et al. If so, it made me laugh too. But one thing that struck me was that all these women seemed to dislike their mothers, this came across in a previous episode shown here with the same people. I can’t help wondering why. My Mum wasn’t perfect and her cooking could be erratic, but I loved her to bits and I would be thrilled to be told I was like her now. I LOVE christmas (although not between Bonfire Night and Halloween!) and nothing pleases me more than receiving the sticky, messy bits and pieces lovingly made by my grandchildren. Stuff the grumpy old women!

  3. I’ve signed up for your class, Sharon. I’m so excited about it!

    I do have some goals in mind as far as crazy quilting goes… small ones, but they will be for me, which is exciting, as I usually make for others first.

    Can’t wait to see who wins the competition… Merry Christmas!


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