Silliness, exploring, rediscovering old favourites and another 8 inch block

Silliness, exploring, rediscovering old favourites and another 8 inch block

You can tell I am on holiday look at the time! Usually I have post up by 7 it’s nearly 10 here and I am still faffing about!

Here is another 8 inch block completed. Since I am planning a few large projects this year and still writing the crazy quilting class online I am in a ‘clearing the decks’ phase. In other words, sorting out, finishing off and generally preparing myself to launch into the next project.

As I said yesterday I am planning to start a couple of large crazy quilting projects this year. Linda at Chloe’s place has responded to my question on blogging and her prolific output. I asked if part of her success is as a result of documenting the process in her blog. This year I am interested in using blogs as an aid to sustain interest in a larger work in progress. Linda replied that one aspect about using blogs to help sustain creative practice is found in the fact that people respond and the general chatter makes the whole process much more fun which I agree with. I think too, writing in a blog about what is being made and how far along the process you are brings a particular project to the fore in my mind and keeps it on a higher priority. In writing about it I guess it helps to shape the way I think about a particular project instead of getting sidetracked in a dozen different directions.

She clears her throat … ahum … as to the dozen different directions you can see below what has happened this morning … a perfect example of what I mean

I have been going through the links in my sidebar, updating any that need it and removing blogs that have not been updated in the last 3 months. One or two simply would not load, after 3 tries on separate occasions I removed them but if I have deleted anyone still active please drop me a line with new URLs. Along the way of course I have been tempted to explore further a field and found a few gems, rediscovered a few old favourites and got sucked into some silliness.

One of the best links I discovered is the Oz Quilt Network is a national organisation for art quilters. The site hosts a members gallery which will keep you browsing over morning coffee for too long. Thanks to Maureen of Kenmaurs corner for this link.

In the gems I discovered is P Burch’s All About Hand Dyeing Q&A. Anyone who is interested in hand dying will find this blog interesting and useful. Also check out Crafty McGee a recently discovered craft blog.

Of interest in recent postings is a link found via Su of Floating needle, to a post on International copyright theft

For some beautiful illustrations of idealised motherhood take a look at the post on illustrator Jessie Willcox Smith in 100 years of illustration

I don’t usually participate in this sort of thing but I am on holiday. I found this via Arlee then I noticed that Liz of Dreaming Spirals had also joined in.


My blog is worth $62,099.40.
How much is your blog worth?

Now if only I could find a buyer I could go on one doozy of a stash enhancement shopping spree!

Well she shrugs philosophically … there always is a slight technical hitch in such things …


  1. Your blog is worth MUCH more than that, Sharon—-if you weren’t here…….no matter where i am or what i’m doing, you provide constancy, consistency and compassion…..keep on stitchin’—threadwise and words!

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