Katrina Quilts handover

Katrina Quilts handover

We have more news on the Katrina Quilts As I am sure everyone knows Annie of Annies Crazy World has meticulously assembled the Katrina fundraiser quilts. She handed them over to me the other night. Annie is literally saying – “There you are ” We are a little behind schedule but I think the survivors of hurricane Katrina will need help for a long time yet.

Annie designed the packaging for the quilts as they will travel to the US to be sold on Ebay. If you want to know how it was done Annie has blogged the process

As Quilts they are amazingly difficult to photograph. Perhaps it is that in life they have such presence and when I look at them on screen I feel that they are not well represented. I have had two attempts at photographing them and anticipate a third because I live in hope that I can capture their life.

Of course individual blocks are in the All that Jazz Gallery but it is in how they sit together that the quilts really take on a presence.

We are behind schedule as I had hoped to have the quilts sold by now but everything has been done properly and I am believer in a good job rather than a rushed job. The quilts have been valued by an accredited assessor and they were valued at $3,000, $1,800 and $1,200 dollars (Australian) respectively. This documentation will accompany the quilts and who ever buys them will receive them with the quilt. Hopefully we will be able to raise a decent sum for the hurricane survivors.

During the assembly of All that jazz #1 quilt Annie blogged in detail the assembly. For anyone who wants to know about assembling a crazy quilt here is a list of blog posts that give a detailed blow by blow demonstration on how it was done.

The perma links in order:

Part 1- The “How of assembling a crazy quilt

Part 2 – The “How” of trimming blocks to size

Part 3 – “How” to make Linda into a square

Part 4 – “How” to stitch the blocks together

Part 5 – Joining pairs of blocks Together

ONE – the conclusion to part 5

Part 6 – Borders to Frame All that Jazz

Part 7 – More about attaching borders

Part 8 – Quilt Engineering

Part 9 – WE have borders…

Part 10 – preparing the quilt for adding the real backing

Part 11 – Tying the Quilt

Part 12 – Rod Pocket

Part 13 – Bindings


  1. These quilts are fabulous! I’m overwhelmed by the wonderful work done by all the gals who contributed blocks. Where and when is the auction? or sale, or whatever you’re doing to raise the money?

    Clairee Meeks
  2. The two of you and all your assistants have done an amazing job of pulling this all together. Thank you from another American… as we would say in the south… “y’all done good!!” :0)

  3. Wonderful stuff! Well done Annie – a study in how to create something that is more than the sum of it’s arts. Hope they make loads of money for the hurricane survivors, and that their future owners have hours and days and weeks and … decades of joy out of them. Truely things of beauty. Big thanks to Sharon for organising all this and for giving beginners like me the opportunity to be part of something so amazing 🙂


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