There is a puzzle to be solved over at Gina’s

There is a puzzle to be solved over at Gina’s

Gina of Patra’s Place is trying to identify an piece of vintage lace that is an inherited UFO. It is a form of Tape lace but not the most commonly known which is Battenberg Lace .

Another form is Princess lace but it’s not that either!

I could not find too much under the term tape lace as nothing looked quite like Gina’s piece. The pattern clearly has Dickel Lace written on it but I can find no references at all to this type of lace in google or my books on lace. I was left thinking that perhaps Dickel Lace was a local firm which used this naming convention in Australia. Just musing on the possibility here – I don’t know and lace is not an area I know a heck of alot about.

Can anyone help Gina identify this piece? Take look and see what you think.


  1. This appears to be very similar to Romanian Pointe Lace a very detailed form of lacework that involves making the braid, in my case crocheted, and having it overstitched to a pattern so that it does not move. All of the lines between the patterns show the direction of needleweaving stitches that would eventually hold this whole piece together, then the basting would be removed.

  2. Hi Sharon,
    Thank you for bringing this to the attention of your readers. I have had two responses on my blog which refer to this book:
    From Pat Earnshaw’s book “Needlemade Laces” 1988

    Dichtl/Dickel – A thick braid is curved into sinuous contortions forming an
    abstract design. The braids are linked by heavy buttonhole stitched bars.
    There are seldom any filling stitches.

    Its one of several tape-based laces mentioned in her book

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