Scrumbled throw on thing

Scrumbled throw on thing

We don’t know quite what to call this. Is it a shawl or a cardigan? Under the arms are attached by a few stitches but its more like a throw on thing. Jerry jokingly described it as something that was thrown and not quite missed.

I am feeling quite satisfied as I am able to report that this novice free form crochet/knitter has finished my first project. It did start out to be a smaller project but as I did more scrumbles it grew and Eve loved it so it grew some more.

The other night we decided that it was time to stop. I had planned to add buttons and beads but Eve wanted as it was. So I tidied the edges a little and put a couple of stitches under the arms and that was that!

Freeform crochet and the process of scrumbling that has me fascinated. I warn you if you try it you will be hooked as you never know quite what direction it is going to take you in.

Here is the front of the shawl.

What I have learned
You really need quite a few textured yarns to make scrumbling interesting. I don’t have enough to really set up contrasts of texture. The other way to go is to explore the textured stitches a lot more. I plan to include more in my next project. I have fallen in love with bullions but I am sure there is more textured stitches to be discovered.

Also some of my scrumbles are possibly a little too large. I think my next piece will have smaller bits in it and perhaps not quite so many colours. I will see how scrumble size effects the process and finished design.

I think I could have been more creative with the edges having a few interesting dingle dangle bits and even perhaps some braiding and tassel like things included. I still want to include beading in a project so that is on my to do list as well!

It is flatter than it looks in the photograph and Eve likes wearing it a bit crooked! All up I am quite happy with it and think its an addictive form of working. So I am going back to browse through squidoo list of free form crochet sites which is maintained by Connie of Catana’s Needleworks


  1. Sharron, Call it outstanding, because that’s what it is. And the style is perfect for the car in the fall and spring (in New England, anyway) when you want want something easy to slip on (when you’re in the brisk air) and off (when you get into the sun-beaten car). Thank you for sharing.

  2. I used to free form quite a bit in the mid 70s when it was all the rage. I kept 2 of my sweaters but the rest were sold. It’s nice to see free form coming back into fashion. I hope to see more people wearing FFC in public – that hasn’t happened yet. At least, not in Northern CO.

  3. Sharron…I love this!! What a fine first project. The colours and textures are so fascinating and now I am definitely inspired to try this (only not on such a large scale!). I downloaded several how-to’s previously when you first talked about this and put them aside. I can ‘see’ a tote bag in my future.
    Thanks again for your very inspiring blog (and for your stitches tutorials, which I have used many times)
    Mary Anne

    Mary Anne

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