May Postcard for 6×4 Lives

May Postcard for 6×4 Lives

6 x 4 lives postcard for May

This month for the 6 x 4 lives postcard challenge I decided to pull out my sewing machine and so some machine embroidery instead of hand stitching. I don’t often do machine embroidery as I take my main pleasure is quietly sitting with needle, thread and fabric. It is just my personality type but I took it into my head that this month I would so some machine sewing

I found a piece that I had dyed a while back now which had an imprint of a paper doyley on it. The colours are in browns and eucalypt green and a little richer than they appear on screen. I simply free stitched a number of colours on one side to bring out the imprint of the doyley. I treated it like paint, layering the thread and squiggling everywhere. It was fun!

As usual click on the card to be taken to a larger view and go to all sizes to see details of my squiggles. Two days running featuring completed projects. This must be a record!

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