100 details for 100 days Day 25

100 details for 100 days Day 25

Day 25
Today we have another couple of simple seam embellishments and a button cluster just to top it off all in the same detail. So people are spoiled for choice this morning.

Down the left side is a row of buttonhole stitch which has been topped off with a row of sequins alternated with detached chain stitch worked in DMC pearl 8.

Chevron stitch is the foundation row for the other seam embellishment. After stitching that in Pearl 5 I worked a row of straight stitches and at the side worked detached chain stitch in a thread the same weight as DMC pearl 8. This was topped off with a novelty bead. A button cluster is flowing over the seams as well! It’s really a very encrusted block.

Every morning I do a swing around the blogs and flickr sites via my bloglines account and it’s a heck of a lot of fun to see who has posted what.

This morning I discovered Pam Kellogg of Kitty & Me Designs has posted a charted design for a black work butterfly. I have been collecting these motifs that Pam is so generously publishing online and plan to work a good few of them.

Rissa of Rissas Pieces has more tips about checking the condition of your needles.

Allison Aller has produced some raspberries on her latest seam

Annie Whitsed of Annies Crazy World has posted a detail which involves buttonhole wheels and detached chain.

Bonnie of Dakini Dreams has posted her latest block which has incorporated details from this series.

For anyone just swinging by this series of posts are listed under 100 details for 100 days in this blog. Over on Flickr it is associated with the Crazyquilting Group and photos are tagged 100detailsin100days

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