10,000 steps a day Week 2

10,000 steps a day Week 2

I am back from Sydney and as you can see with the help of some hefty shopping days Sunday night I definitely made my weekly challenge of 70,000 steps for the week with 73,293 steps. I won’t mention that my feet are still sore from pounding the pavements and this may be the only week I ever reach the target! Shopping is definitely the way the go if you want to get your steps up without feeling it, as not only do you walk but it involves weight training too, i.e. you have to carry your purchases.

No seriously I had a lovely couple of days with my very good friend Anne. We have been friends for nearly 30 years so you can imagine there was a lot of chatting in between bouts of spending money.

I am doing a happy dance (and getting my steps up at the same time) as Linda of Chloe’s Place has dusted off her pedometer and is walking with me. I received an email from Michele of indigo who is joining in too. Her blog is in French but there are some delightful images to be seen so do check it out.

Jerry hit his target too and Karen South of Karen South’s Crazy Quilting World also blogged her pedometer readings.


  1. I just received my pedometer a few days ago and have been trying but haven’t reached the 10,000 mark yet. I’m usually in the 7,000 area but I plan to use my treadmill more often….if it ever cools down around here! I will post my totals from time to time. I’m not sure if my pedometer will show a week’s total or not.

  2. Indira thanks for your lovely comment – we are vegetarians for about half the week (Jerry my husband does like meat) and fully vegetarian whenever my daughter is home.

    I think it is the level of exercise that people participate in and simply put I have too much of my day in front of a computer or sitting stitching.

  3. dear sharon, I am an indian and i am very passionate about learning embroidery and the last few years i have been taking very small steps at this fascinating hobby. While surfing the web i came across your website and i have made it one of my favourite pages.
    Coming to keeping ourselves healthy, for us indians it seems to be easier to keep our weight down because we are predominantly vegetarians. I dont know whether being vegetarians , we get all the nutrition which you would otherwise get from other sources of food. However, the last two years i have learnt some breathing exercises which keeps me fit and energetic. ofcourse, I also go for long walks everyday, which is very much possible in india , because walking to nearby places is the most favoured method of transportation in this country, which ofcourse causes a lot of chaos on the roads. I think i have written enough and i admire your passion for the creative arts. love Indira.

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