On the hoop

On the hoop

It is well and truly time for a work in progress report as the last time I reported on this was on October 12th Now I have started on the beading and adding buttons and the like.

This is the front flap of the pouch and I snapped a photo half way through beading the yellow lace because I keep forgetting to take photos!

This pouch is the same pattern as the pouches on this page. It is a simple design as it is worked in one long strip and simply folded into shape, lined stitched and then a cord is added. 

Yesterday afternoon I finished piecing a small fabric postcard for the 6 x 4 lives challenge. Since the month is getting on I thought I had better start! So over the next few days stay tuned to see what happens with this.


  1. Hi pam – I do a heck of alot of scavenging n charity shops and the like and dye alot of my own to add variety – all the laces and bits on this piece were dyed by me – at the same time I usually dye threads too.

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