On the hoop

On the hoop

Another work in progress report is due. Last night I snapped this as I nearly started beading this before I took a photo. I started this postcard the other day for the 6 x 4 lives challenge. As you can see it is a crazy quilt fabric postcard and the seams are embroidered and I have yet to add beads. I have a busy Sunday ahead of me – rather than a lazy Sunday – but hopefully Monday will see the card finished.

I was asked if these postcards go through the mail. The short answer is no and I don’t really make them to. I am interested in the format rather than making postcards to post. I like the size and shape but am not aiming to make something that actually travels anywhere although it is a charming idea.

The 6 x 4 lives challenge is not swap challenge but aims to produce a fiber postcard at least once a month that records what you have been exploring, doing, or thinking about. The format of a fabric postcard can be used to explore telling stories visually, or experimenting with techniques.

Do take a look at the 6 x 4 lives photo pool to see what everyone else has been doing.


  1. Just viewed the entire collection and was
    wow’ed. I never got caught up in the ATC thing, but I could go for the postcard format, a more practical working size, think. I can see its value for experimentation without a great investment in time and materials.
    Congratulations to all in this challenge!

  2. Elaine – I know you can post them but I don’t want to make real fabric postcards if that makes sense.
    It’s the format or 6 x 4 that I find interesting – not someting that goes through the mail as such – hope I have explained myself better – so I don’t worry about adding beads etc

  3. Sharon, fabric postcards will indeed go through the mail if they’re flat (i.e. no beads). That limits the options somewhat, but people do seem to like getting them through the mail. Use a self-adhesive stamp, and have it hand-cancelled at the post office.


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