Declaration of Wisps

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Declaration of Wisps

As I have mentioned before I have a number of Wisps or Works in Slow Progress which I plan to work on in 2007. So in the spirit of Sandie’s UFO and WISP challenge for 2007, I am setting a personal target of working on something and posting the results every week. My target day is mid week on Wednesdays. Lets hope that next year I can whittle down the pile of blank blocks I have on hand. This is my basket of pieced blocks that are waiting embellishment. I have always pieced blocks in batches as for me it is easier to have a messy week then I always have something to hand to work on. Next year apart from the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge I will be working on these as apart from these Wisps I do not have UFO’s (UnFinished Objects)

On another note a big thanks goes out to Kate of Retro Nona as she has highlighted the Crazy quilt Notebook and Postcards that she purchased from my cafepress store


  1. HelenD – I think that pulling silk ribon through batting would make it fray and turn the process not a bit of trial – normally blocks are made and embellished with embroidery – then you create the batting sandwich and add some quilting if you want –

  2. I am embroidering a CQ block with batting and callico backing to give a quilted effect. I am inspired to try ribbon embroidery as an embelishment but failing to get needle and ribbon through fabric and batting… Trying to make a spiderweb rose. Should I give up on the SRE on this block?

    Enjoying blog very much

  3. I love your blocks. They inspire me so much. I really like this first block and can’t wait to see what you do. I am doing a quilt and using your CQ blocks as inspiration. I hope to take a class from you someday!


    Kerri Murphy

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