Wednesday Wisp Reduction Report

Wednesday Wisp Reduction Report

As promised here is my weekly Wednesday Wisp Reduction Report . As you can see I have been doing a huge bead and button trail down the left hand side of this crazy quilt block. Some other seams have had beads added to them but there is still beading to do. I thought people might like a detail of the beading so here it is.

Other progress is being made on some Christmas gifts which I am not going to post images of as that will spoil the surprise. In between these sewing tasks I have been working on this 8 inch block at odd moments. 

I am still getting comments from my post on 5 ways to Nurture Creativity. Judith of Material Musings has responded and Rissa has also added her ideas on the subject. Check them out for alternative viewpoints.


  1. Great bead trail! It makes me smile to think we were both beading away at the same time, halfway around the globe.
    Also, I just love that little scalloped chain-stitch with the buttonhole fan. Can I use that as Detail 101?

  2. Sharon…I’m sure you’ve answered this question before but I’m curious about something. When you do a heavily beaded/button area do you put something behind to add stiffness (stability?) to it? I worry about it sagging when it’s taken out of the hoop. Should I be?

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