TAST news and Avoiding a UFO

TAST news and Avoiding a UFO

This post card which was started for the 6 x 4 lives challenge was in grave risk of becoming a UFO. I am not sure if it quites meets the criteria to be included in Sandie’s UFO and WISP challenge but in order to prevent a UFO (UnFinnished Object) I decided that by today I would finish it. A combination of factors has meant I have not got too much stitching done. Firstly Christmas and New Year activities have kept me busy on top of the problems with this site, Jerry is home on leave, and we are very much in holiday mode, as apart from him building some very strange things in his shed we are going out daily. This has meant that last month I did not meet the deadline for this fabric postcard so last night I decided to finish it off.

The fabric card is an experimental piece as I wanted to combine machine and hand embroidery. It has a foundation of even weave linen from which I withdrew threads. To this I attached some lace. Over this I added a strip of organza. I then used the sewing machine to ‘scribble’ around the edges of the lace and outline part of the pattern. Hand embroidery was added using French knots, bullion knots, and pulled thread work added another contrast.

I think the combination of hand and machine is interesting as on philosophical level I am intrigued by how we react to hand made and machine produced objects. I think the contrast between the two types of marks made could be pushed further on this but as an experiment it is interesting.

A larger detail is here.

The 6 x 4 lives is not swap challenge but aims to produce a fiber postcard at least once a month that records what you have been exploring, doing, or thinking about. The format of a fabric postcard can be used to explore telling stories visually, or experimenting with techniques.

On another note but related to the subject of challenges Shiralee of Nine of hearts has not only joined in on the Take a stitch Tuesday (TAST) challenge but has also started a stash reduction challenge.

The Take a stitch Tuesday challenge now has over 150 people who have said they want to participate. A full list of participants is on the Take a stitch Tuesday page. I have had a few more people join up over night and will be updating this list in the next hour. I am delighted at the response.

Some people were caught short as being in Australia my Tuesday morning is Monday night in the America. I am really looking forward to seeing what everyone produces. Since, I will be doing a weekly round up of those who have stitched people will have to remember the time difference.

As requested I have set up a Take a stitch Tuesday group on flickr. I have yet to post any images there but it is up. Pop over and introduce your selves, and join in as this is shaping up to be a fantastic challenge.


  1. Nice work, Sharon. I will enjoy your progress this year. I would LOVE to do the tuesday challenge, but will have to bow out for now- I didn’t sign up, but was hoping I would have time. 2007 is going to be very busy for me, and Tues. will be a Bible study I will be having for some International students who are in town. Will enjoy your blog daily, and will do my own stitching here and there. You are inspirational!

  2. I love the way the postcard corner looks, with the pulled threads. That is so pretty. I’ve never wanted to try that, and now I may have to. =)

    Thanks for the first lesson for TAST. I’ll get on that later tonight.

    I tried to donate the first night, and Paypal wouldn’t work, but I managed it now, finally. =)


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