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  1. Mags I have dropped you an email as you were obviously interupted mid sentence – but I think the answer to your question is yes, you do have to copy and paste the URL to make a link. Thats what I do when ever I write a post and it can become time consuming particularly when I do a link round up!

  2. Thanks Sharon. I have a link to this page at the botton of my posts, but not everyone does. How does one link if there is nothing to click on. I have to go to the palaver of selecting the URL and then adding some

  3. Mags –
    I would need the context but usually the term link – or links means creating an active link to a site – such as the link in the post above to the article. In this case the text that you click on and it takes you to the site I am talking about. The text is a link. Links are literally the backbone of the web without links we would not have a network.

    I hope I have made myself understandable.

  4. Sorry this reply is in the wrong post Sharon, but I can’t find your post on ‘links’ which I read earlier. I have been blogging a while now and often comment, but don’t understand links. Could you please explaing how this works sometime?

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