No Wednesday WISPS

No Wednesday WISPS

As regular readers will know this year I am participating in Sandie’s UFO and WISP challenge. This week I do not have a work in progress report as there is none. Apart from the TAST challenge samples I have not done any stitching. Instead, since Jerry has finished the new bookcases we have been moving the library around. I had thought we would only need to re-shuffle one or two sections of the library but every book got moved. Since we have in the region of about 4,000 books and since it is mid summer in OZ it’s been hot work. The whole process has taken some time!

I discovered another blog that I was not aware of. Lately I have gone a little collage mad in my visual journal lately, so Art Junk Girl was just the sort of delightful discovery I was in the mood for.


  1. Sharon,
    Recently I submitted a question on The Christopher Lowell website and included a reference to your blog, your online classes offered at Joggles and your being what I consider to be a pioneer in this new medium and being able to reach out to millions, develop a following and to develop it into a financially rewarding endeavor as well. This was offered in reply to his stating he’s left tv and is working on developing a more personalized offering via the internet.

    Anyway, they recorded my radio spot yesterday and he said he would be following up on those websites I’d mentioned. So you may someday hear from him or one of his staff.

    If your not familiar with the gentleman, he’s an interior designer who developed a very innovative process to decorate your home like a designer [but on a regular Joe’s budget] called 7 Layers of Design. He’s published several books, has had several long running tv shows and has several collections in local US stores [fabrics in JoAnne Fabrics, accessories thru Burlington Coat Factory and his own designer interior paint collection]. Now he’s trying to convert his Christopher Lowell tv show to an internet based offering and I thought your blogging accomplishments and expertise were just the ticket to get him started.

    I also mentioned your appointment to CQMag Online, your upcoming ‘grand tour’ of the US and related class offerings, and your considerable talents as a textile artist. So I wouldn’t be surprised if he someday offers you a guest spot.

    Hope you don’t mind! I was just tickled to be a part of his radio show! [Its his Valentine’s Day segment and will air thereabouts]


  2. Sharon, it seems to me that you’re exactly on schedule with your report: your library is your WIP! We have what is probably a pathologically large library and the mere thought of moving each book is exhausting. Too bad this is the wrong forum for asking you how you’ve organized your books! Hope you are almost done so you can sit back and get to read some of your collection instead of transferring it.


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