CQMagOnline is out

CQMagOnline is out

The latest issue of CQ Mag Online is now out.

I particularly enjoyed Sue Bleiweiss’s article on the process of making fabric charms as it solved a problem for me. I was wondering what I was going to do with the samples that I make for the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge. I have started an visual journal one that is produced as an art object in its own right rather than one that documents the process. The idea has not worked out as the stitch samples are created on fabric which I happen to reach for that week. The problem is they are often in the wrong colour scheme and do not match the pages I have painted. Often too the samples are worked on different fabrics that do not sit together on the same page. Layout of these little devils is proving to be a real design challenge. The format is wrong and the idea of a polished visual journal is simply not going to work for this project. Of course I am keeping a visual journal of the process but that is a different type of journal.

I have been mulling over this problem until I read this article. These little fabric charms reminded me of those books of sample swatches you find in interior decorating shops and thought yes my samples for TAST will make a little swatch book! It’s the same principal just on different size fabric squares. Problem solved! They will be more portable too particularly for the big trip the States in 2008.

That of course is not the only interesting article in the latest issue, but the one that sent me off on a tangent. Nora has announced my teaching tour itinerary in the same issue which is exciting as now I know where I am going! Do go and check the latest issue out as there is heaps of interesting stuff in it.


  1. I’m tickled pink that you will be in Dallas. That is only about 40 miles from us and I’m so looking forward to you being here. I have enrolled in the Personal Library of Stitches class at Joggles. Thanks so much for the energy expended.

  2. I sure hope I can make it to one of your workshops… Dallas is probably the closest. I’ll have to start saving my pennies and stitching from my stash so I can make it!!


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