A Map of Texile Museums

A Map of Texile Museums

Liz of Dreaming spirals has complied a Map of Textile Museums in the United States using Google maps.

As Liz points out often a google search turns up sketchy information on aspects of collections. It is a great idea not only if in you live in country but if you are a visitor it would be good to know where the worthy textile collections are.

It’s a pity it is not internatational but as Liz says on her blog post she is still adding museums and will happily take suggestions.

I get a heck of a kick seeing resources like this developed within the textile community online as although some museums have a huge amount of information online others barely have thier opening times listed let alone what is actually in their collections.

I misunderstood Liz’s email the project is international so anyone anywhere can help her out with information on museums that hold extensive textile collections. Drop her an email and get it added to map!


  1. Liz has added some European and British sites too. We should send her some links to Aussie sites it we know any, can’t have them thinking we have no collections in Oz. I’ll try to dig out a few I have heard of and send them on.

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