A tutorial on using Gum Arabic as a resist

A tutorial on using Gum Arabic as a resist

Gum Arabic is a water soluble, non-toxic, and colourless. In fact gum Arabic is a food additive often used in processed foods as a thickener. It comes from the tree sap of Acacia nilotica. For these reasons providing you use it sensibly it is safe to use at home.

Neki of A movable feast has posted a tutorial on how to use a Gum Arabic the next time you do any resist dyeing try some experimenting.


  1. sharon
    i think you are SO talented !!!
    i’ve been coming to your blog off and on over the past few yrs…more in recent times.
    i’m your: quilter, crocheter, glass beadweaver-type…
    so absolutely everything you do on here is like
    eye candy for me!!!
    i finally got registered today just so i could tell you that your work and creativity is so very appreciated! maddi


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