My Online Classes are on offer again

My Online Classes are on offer again

Develop a Personal Library of Stitches

Classes on offer are up at Joggles.com. For anyone who has enjoyed the Sumptuous surfaces class or is enjoying the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge you will possibly enjoy the Develop a Personal Library of Stitches starting on October 31.

Encrusted Crazy Quilting

Crazy quilters will be pleased to know that the Encrusted Crazy Quilting is being offered again starting on October 26.

How the classes work
There are two major components of online classes, the lessons themselves, and the forum. The lessons are the guts of the class. The lessons are an Adobe PDF document are issued to the students by joggles.com. Each student is given a User ID and password as well as the URL to the class webpage where they are expected to go and download each lesson. There is a one lesson per week. I have designed the lessons so that people can work at them as much or as little as they choose. Some people have more time to put into them others do not. I understand this, for this reason I have designed the lessons to be self paced.

The expectation is that the students download each lesson weekly and progress through the class. They can choose to just do a few hours stitching or more. It’s up to the student.

Each student is invited to register at the forums, which is where all class communication takes place. While not real time chat, you can post messages. I check the forum daily to answer questions and join in on the chat. Students can post images of their work online so I can give them feedback. Participation in the forums is totally voluntary but I think this is the fun part of the process as it is where students get feed back from me, bounce ideas off each other and share pleasure in learning a new skill.


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