Free Embroidery Projects and Lessons

Free Embroidery Projects and Lessons

I have recently discovered Needlework tips and techniques.com which houses articles on embroidery and free projects.

Pattern Darning is quick and easy not only teaches you how to do pattern darning but it also provides a free project. An introduction to pulled thread embroidery explains what pulled thread work is and leads on to an introductory lesson. Another project is a daffodil worked in needlepoint lace (needlelace). There is also a project and lessons on Hardanger embroidery. It is well worth a visit and spending some time exploring the site.


  1. Thanks for the link, Sharon. Interesting to see their terminolgy, which is the opposite to what I hear in NZ. We tend to use “Pulled thread” for the technique where you pull the thread right out of the fabric.
    “Drawn Fabric” embroidery is where you draw the threads of the fabric together, to make little holes and spaces.
    Which do you use?


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