Two links

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Two links

Candida thoughtfully sent me this link to the Fashion Color Report for Fall 2008 – Check out the colours they look great

Arlee of Albedo has new tutorial on her site on making fabric ATCs and postcards Arlee style. This tutorial is described as emailable and printer friendly.


  1. I just discovered you – via No Idle Hands in Canada – What a fantastic site. I wish I’d heard about you earlier – for the TIF challenge sounds really fun. But I have my own sort of challenge too, on my blog – my Creativity Jar.

    anyway – lovely fascinating interesting blog.

  2. Oh no …. mauve and blue are coming back! I knew it! I was watching some design show on tv and saw them use that color palette. I’m not sure enough time has elapsed for me to deal with mauve again. lol
    I guess this is how you know you’re official old.

    Colleen R

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