I have been poking around the World Shibori Network site and discovering all sorts of interesting things about shibori. I have heard of shibori referred to as stitch dye, fold dye, pole wrap dye and of course tie dye but these bound resist techniques are all techniques taken to the highest level in Shibori. The site houses a techniques section which covers the various types of folds, ties and stitches available to a shibori artist.

Many different types of shibori exist around the world and it really is worth exploring a little more online about this beautiful textile practice and the associated techniques.

I think readers may enjoy this video. If you do there are 4 others about shibori and shibori techniques to be found here. (Look in the left side bar for links)


  1. It is really art Sharon. At the end of January I wrote a post about Shibori also. Probably you can not understand Turkish but please look at the links(which are green) on the post. It is amazing. I am tutoring Turkish handcraft course in Cambridge U3A and one of my student is from Japan. She bring some shibori samples and I took the photos of them. Most liked one is the red! All the best…

    Link to my post is: http://berceste.blogspot.com/2008/01/shibori.html#comments

  2. thank you so much for your links and all the interesting things you put in your posts, what a reference, I simply wish I had enough time to explore everything thoroughly… Shibori is another example of things I’d like to get into, but alas, it’s winter here, although it’s been feeling like spring…..

    I love your decluttering as well, I should do the same!!!!!!!

    Best wishes

  3. Sharon, Interesting sites. Thank you for the links. Years ago, I was into Shibori, have tried several methods, one was the folding and stitching,twist. Another was the folding into tight tucks around a bottle and a broomstick, then wraping threads around the fabrics. It was fun to see the designs form, always a surprise! Rene


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