A creative weekend

A creative weekend

Sometimes it is best to leave the weeding, the grocery shopping, and the housework and simply have a self indulgent weekend. That is what I did and I was doubly spoiled as it was a long weekend here in Canberra. So what did I do?

This 8 inch block is now done. (Click on the image for a larger view)

The other thing I did was to sort out my large sheets of paper and clear out my old drawings and folios.

The folios are made of heavy card and they date back to my art school days when I was a student and they are a little worse for wear after 25 years. Since when I purchased them I was a broke art student they looked particularly tatty but I have never replaced them as they still protect the drawings/ paper inside them.  So I decided that I would tear up old drawings, sheet music, photocopies and papers and collage a cover all over them. I had a ball ripping into some of the very old drawings.

I have three of these folios all still in use more or less and I plan to ‘cover’ all of them this way. This first folio is in black and white (more or less) the others will each have a different dominant colour because then I can colour code what is inside. I use one for paper, the second for drawings I am working on and a third for finished pieces. I actually have a fourth but that one might just beyond it.

It is quite large as it will take a sheet of A2 paper quite happily. In other words it measures 66 cm (26 inches) by 46 cm (18 inches) Here is the front of the folio standing upright on the table

Here is the back of the folio standing upright on the table (Click on the images for a larger view) The sheen is PVA glue still drying!

I really enjoyed doing these and am looking forward to covering the others.


  1. I love the block – especially the laces! I just finished an exhaustive research on lace for my latest deadline for Needlepoint Now. Makes looking at it more interesting! (small details?) great idea on the folios – wish I had thought of it. I tossed what was left of mine last year – but mine were 40+ years old. Crumbly and yukky.

  2. Wow, Sharon, you really DID have a creative weekend. Good on you! I REALLY need to do some ME stuff, I’ve been playing Superwoman for about 3 weeks now and now my hands are all lumpy and itchy (not sure what it is). I think a doctor’s visit is in order, but I just don’t have time to make an appointment! What was that I said earlier this year about FOCUS, LOL?
    I really like your CQ block, I should try doing some more, I think practice is the key to good looking blocks, it’s not as easy as it looks (at least not for me)
    Christine in glorious Sydney

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