The Colorspire colour schemer

The Colorspire colour schemer

I have wasted far too much time playing with another online colour schemer. Regular readers will be aware that every now and then I turn up another of these designers toys online. Actually they are not toys as web designers find them very useful and so do quilters and textile artists!

The Colorspire colour schemer has a very flexible colour picker which allows you to easily shift tint, tone and shade enabling some very unusual colour schemes to be developed. As another designers tool it looks very useful as you can preview your colour combinations in real time and easily see what works well and what is a total mistake!



  1. Great site that I have seen before. If you go to the “whitework” page & scroll down to the Reticella section, you will find a piece of mine! I am stoked to have it there!The piece is currently on exhibition in a gallery in Western Sydney.

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