Fibre and Stitch is Out

Fibre and Stitch is Out

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The Latest issue of Fibre and Stitch is out. As usual its great treat and it was with pleasure I made a cuppa, printed out the 84 page PDF file and settled back for a good read and visual feast.

This is the fourth issue so still relatively young but Sue Bleiweiss and her team have put together yet again a richly interesting ezine for anyone who is interested in contemporary textiles. If you have ever wondered how to apply foil, use alcohol inks or add metallic effects to your fabrics this issues explores some ideas for you to try.

Also if you have ever wondered what Abaca paper is and how to use it or how mud cloth is made this issue tells you

Guest author Mary Sleigh writes about Africa as her inspirational source of textile works

Jackie Cardy shows us how to create a folded panel opens to reveal a hidden surprise in her piece 18 Hidden Treasures and Margaret Roberts has produced an article that really appealed to me on how to make Pyramid Journals

This is just a few of the topics and articles that are covered in Fibre and Stitch’s fourth issue. If you have not subscribed yet this ezine and you are interested in contemporary fiber techniques in textiles it is well worth it.


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