Flower Maker

Flower Maker

I reviewed the flower maker back in 2006 but Meggiecat’s post reminded me of this nifty program so I checked it out again. It seems to me that the Flower Maker is improved since I last looked at it. (I could be wrong as my memory might be playing tricks but I think it is better).

The flower maker is a free interactive site that as an online toy is a great design tool. It is simple to use yet capable of creating some really complex ‘flowers’.

You simply click to select various options such as the colour and petal shape and then drag in the window to scale and rotate the design component. You can also set the number of petals and the transparency.

I am sure the Flower maker will keep you busy creating so enjoy!


  1. Thank you so much for this link, Sharon! Back when I was using my old Mac (so old the OS has no number!), the draw program had a plug in that allowed for mirroring what you drew. I used it constantly. Nothing I’m using these days has such tool… So I envision myself playing with FlowerMaker constantly! πŸ˜›

  2. oh how fun! i was looking for textile design programs and came across this one and posted about it last Thursday. The internet is getting smaller and smaller πŸ™‚ or is it one of those zeitgeist things?

    neki desu

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