I am back

I am back

Kathrine Tyrrell has recently published on Making a Mark some great posts on a colour and colour wheels as she has been developing a matrix of theories about colour space and in an earlier post Kathrine wrote a colour round up. Related to this is yet another article Hues – a systems perspective. Each piece has links and further references so they really are worth exploring and thinking about.


As people know I am on a self imposed fiber diet but yesterday “Fiber Day” was held at the bus depot markets and I lashed out. Believe it or not all of these silk yarns I will use as embroidery threads and in the past I have used up skeins just like this! They are skeined and dyed for weavers but years ago I found often weavers yarns were ideal to stitch with. I also purchased some undyed yarns for my next dye pot.

On another note, thanks for all your well wishes while I was away. Mum is now no longer in critical care but moved to high care. She will not come out of high care and the doctors can not do anything more for her other than make her as comfortable as possible. So for us it is a sad time. Probably the yarn is a sign of ‘comfort’ shopping.


  1. Sharon – thanks for the mention about my colour posts. I’ve still got some way to go with the Colour Project…so there’s a few more posts simmering away!

    So sorry to hear about your Mum – this is always a difficult time for any family. I hope your Mum will find comfort and peace in her new home.

  2. Hi Sharon,
    I am so sorry to hear about your mother.
    It always seems so cruel to me that by the time the generations seem to come together with understanding of each other, the time is often so short.
    It is also a very stressful time for you!
    All my best wishes for both of you!

  3. Hi Sharon
    As usual I am behind the times. So sorry about your Mum. I hope she is peaceful and quiet in her final days. I also hope you will have the strength to deal with the coming days yourself. Take care of yourself, Jerry and your children. Know that I and many others are thinking of you at this time.
    You have shared so much with us, unstintingly and kindly. Thank you.

  4. Looking forward to exploring the color links, Sharon, thanks for them…and so glad to have you back.
    Love that you broke your fiber “fast”…truly those are luscious silks and they do look just the right weight. You will do fine work with them!
    Sending love to your family….

  5. Hi Sharon, You probably don’t remember me, I joined your first TAST but barely did anything as my Mom became ill and we lost my SIL. My Mom is on in home hospice care, and my Dad passed away 3 weeks ago. I am so sorry to hear about your Mom and send out gentle hugs to you. There is nothing really one can say, just know that we care and wish we could help. Marianne in NJ, USA

  6. Sharon I am so sorry to hear about your Mum – these times are never easy on matter how much you think you are prepared for it… You and yours are in my thoughts and prayers…

    *Side note – I am once again doing your class -Sharon you have my full admiration – the stuff that you teach is mind boggling… Just when I think it can’t get any better than this – it does!!!!!! Oh what will you think of next!!!!!!

  7. Thank you for those links on colour. This term I am job sharing with an art teacher and I’m sure she’ll find them interesting as well.
    I would like to offer my sympathy and prayers for your family at the moment. We went through a similar experience in 2004 with my FIL but he requested to be at home. Luckily my husband had leave available so he spent the last two weeks supporting his mum and caring for his father.

  8. Sweet ‘friend’…the miles disappear, courtesy of the internet. My own Dear Mom never left ‘high care’ either, and died quietly in her own (and God’s own) time in January 2004. This is never easy for any of us ….to become the generation that is looked to for The Answers…

    But I pray for you and your mom and your family: comfort and peace and that Blessed Assurance…


    Marg in Calgary

  9. Welcome back to the blog! I am so sorry to hear about your mother and hope they keep her very comfortable.

    OOh – I do wish I had been in Canberra yesterday! There are times to forgo diets of any kind. What great silk yarns! Is that a silk chenille in the undyed lot? What luxury! Maybe not – I can see you have some cotton and linen? in the bottom picture.
    I really must raid the cupboard for the box of silk yarns and dig under the stairs for the dyes!

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