Craft Stylish

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Craft Stylish

Craft Stylish is a new ezine/craft site which is part of the Taunton chain of sites. Taunton publish Threads magazine. There are lots of small quick and useful tutorials and articles which make the site well worth browsing if not subscribing to in your RSS feed.

Take a good look at the look and feel of this site as what I found the design and business model even more interesting than its content for it is heavily influenced by the crafting and stitching blogs even to shaping the site as a social site where you can share what you make.


  1. Wow! First video–I was thinking that it was cool but then thought, “I bet they’d never try a back-handspring.” And BOOM, there it was! WOW, WOW, WOW!

    Second video–just hauntingly beautiful. I wanted to watch it a second time just to look at the shadow. I had all but missed it the first view.

  2. Thanks for the link Sharon, I need another craft blog like a hole in the head, LOL, but it’s such a great resource that I’ll be adding it to my Google Reader !! Craft blogs have almost taken over from my regular craft mag reading now, isn’t that funny? I feel a greater connection with the online community than the paper based one, although I still like to see colour photos of finished projects in all their glory in my mags. Some of my older stitching students don’t see what all the fuss is about online. They wouldn’t dare think about joining in Stitchin Fingers or such, but I’m really enjoying it. Tutorials and articles online are certainly up to the minute and accessible for me. Thanks again,
    Christine in sunny Sydney

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