Artflock and Magcloud

Artflock and Magcloud

Readers who are interested in earning money from their work will be interested to hear about ArtFlock as it is an alternative to Etsy which is free with no listing fees with commission rates are from 3.5%

You can also use it as a basic business website as you can upload a portfolio of your work and import your blog which is a good way to increase your exposure. If you have work in galleries, shops etc. you are able to list locations that sell your work.

Details are also here at Craft Boom!. While on Craft Boom check out their all time most articles they are all worth a read.

The implications of MagCloud as a service for self publishers is huge as MagCloud enables you to publish your own magazines. Basically  you upload a PDF and they print, mail out, and manage subscriptions. I immediately started to toss ideas around and thought about a sort of “Tips and ideas for Crazy quilting  from Sharon B”. It is just an idea at the moment as I noticed they only shipped within the US so dropped them an email about it. In their prompt reply I was told plans are a foot to enable overseas shipping too.

Thanks goes to Meggiecat for the link

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