A weekend in Sydney

A weekend in Sydney

As I mentioned on Friday, Jerry is recording a CD and we have had a few days in Sydney. Since both Design 08 and Sydney  Biennale is on I was not short of places to visitor things to see.

Between visits to Berkelouw Books which by far got most of our money and  Glebe books, in which  we did some damage and Elizabeth’s bookstore we also made a considerable book haul. I keep threatening Jerry that I will start a book blog but he does not seem to think that this is such a silly idea.

Jerry is a much better travel writer than me but one item I think will be of interest, particularly for anyone who is interested in studio journals is this item I spotted at the Powerhouse. A small display illustrating designs that were introduced to Australia via our migrant populations caught my eye because of the notebook with hand drawn patterns.

I also became interested in Arch formations and started to see them everywhere

This famous landmark was the formation that triggered the idea.

I have about 400 photos on my laptop. Don’t worry I wont show them all to you. In fact normal blogging resumes tomorrow.


  1. I was fascinated with the Opera House when I visited Sydney (over 10 years ago) and took masses of photos of how the globe light bowls distorted it as well as the Opera House from every consevable angle. Thank goodness for digital, it’s saving me a fortune in film 🙂

  2. Thankyou Sharon for sharing your book shopping and your other exciting Sydney highlights. I find it fascinating how much your tripping coincides with what I consider Sydney’musts’ – bookshops, the Powerhouse which always has something of interest and another photo of the Opera House. Did you do the Rocks too?
    I loved your other arches as well.

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