A  Diary in Stitches

A Diary in Stitches

Nicole Wolfersberger is posting embroidered diary entries on a regular basis on her blog Embloggery. I find this textile diarist fascinating.

Last year at the end of this post I asked if anyone had seen any samplers that were journals or autobiographical in nature. I asked because I often added a bit of text to my own band sampler. So it was indirectly asking if I was the only mad person to do anything like this. (Click on the link if you want to see what I mean)

At the time I pointed out that it is quite common to make quilts, crazy quilts, journal quilts and journal fabric postcards which are either autobiographical in nature, or are a journal.

Of course this year, Annie started her band sampler which has journal elements combined within it. The idea of turning a band sampler into a journal of sorts is seductive, so you can see why Embloggery caught my eye.

I am sure you will find this project of interest if not be as intrigued with it as I am. Do take a look as I see this project as a manifestation of a part of greater story or greater pattern of cultural artefacts that people are making.

I need to explain my ideas more on this so I think I will have to tease it out a bit more in longer post  but, very briefly we live in an age where documenting our lives in all sorts of ways is normal, so why not in fibre? Time is the biggest deterrent and why most people would not embark on something like this but what did strike me about this project is the emphasis on thoughtfulness, in other words this project hints at the value system associated with a slow cloth. 

Anyway I would love people to take a look and let me know what they think


  1. I am actually doing a kind of journal as my BJP this year based on the notes I make at weight watchers. If you go to this page http://happyjacqui.wordpress.com/2008/11/15/just-a-post-to-say-i-am-still-hanging-in-there/
    you will see what they will sort of look like at the end. At the end of January, I will probably post some pictures of the work in progress. In the end I hope to have 52 pages done and whilst Christmas shopping I sort of worked out how I was going to put them all together.

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