What is Rayon Ribbon Floss?

What is Rayon Ribbon Floss?

rayon ribbon flossRayon Ribbon Floss looks like a small thin ribbon of silk but is actually made of rayon. Rayon has a high sheen which makes it an attractive thread to use in hand embroidery. It can really lift an area and add a little extra to your work.

This thread has a braided structure which means it is pliable, and is less likely to twist as you work. Why would that be important? This structure means it is easy to use. If you have ever battled with stitching rayon thread, the braided weave of this thread solves your tangle problems. Simply put, this thread is better behaved.

I mainly use Rayon Ribbon Floss in crazy quilting as I like the sheen, but you most often find it used in canvas work (needlepoint) on 14-18 count canvas. I have used it on 20-26 count even weave fabrics successfully too. If you have not tried it treat yourself to a reel and experiment with Rayon Ribbon Floss at least once. It is not expensive and a reel will last a long time.

You will find Rayon Ribbon Floss on spools rather than skeins.

Rayon ribbon floss used to work Cretan stitch on a hand embroidered Crazy quilt block.

Rayon ribbon floss used in a Crazy quilt hand embroidery detail

Have you seen my Crazy quilters templates?

As a stitcher who loves crazy quilting I designed these templates with other crazy quilters in mind. With my Crazy Quilters Templates you can create hundreds of different patterns to embroider on your stitching and crazy quilting projects. They are easy to use, totally clear so you can position them easily and they are compact in your sewing box.

I have two sets of Crazy quilt templates available

Crazy Quilt Templates set 1 you will find here 

Crazy Quilt Templates set 2 you will find here 

Check them out I think you will find the useful!


    1. J.Fengler – this is a case of google is your friend – I live in Australia and I don’t know where you live so Google Rayon Ribbon Floss supplies and you will find suppliers near you

  1. I love ribbon floss. My favourite trick is to cut off a length, tie a knot is one end, pull a thread from the other end, and it ruches. great in seeweed, couched down with a couple of beads.

    Also weaves beautifully in Herringbone etc.

    Linda @ Chloe
  2. I have just come home from a visit to one of my local thread shops specifically to buy a few more colours of ribbon floss and I find Sharon has blogged about it today!!I l also love using it.

    Ruth Palsson

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