Work in Progress Wednesday: Assembling a crazy quilt in sections

Work in Progress Wednesday: Assembling a crazy quilt in sections

As you can see I am still piecing this top together but I thought I would share my progress this week. My key point I want to demonstrate is that I work in sections. First I join a couple of blocks then those blocks form larger units and those units are joined and so on.

Last week I explained in how I trim and assemble a crazy quilt top and how on the back of the blocks I herringbone flat all the seams to make the quilt sit flat. This post indicates the process takes time!

I am nearly there as you can see with only some large seams to do now. Then the border goes on. I have purchased bamboo batting which is supposed to be better for the environment. Since I have not used it before it will be interesting to see how it handles. I will let you know what I think of it.

I thought I would show you fabric I will use on the border and an inner border and binding.  The border is a maroon and the inner border and binding is a burnt gold paisley.

As I have mentioned before when I chose the fabric for these blocks if it was a patterned piece I chose a paisley design of some sort. So I was delighted to discover this quilters cotton with its paisley pattern. Since it is a quilters cotton and the Maroon fabric is a cotton brocade (curtain fabric) I will have to interface the quilters cotton so both fabrics are the same weight. That is not to big a job to have a paisley in the border!

Anyway all I can show you this week is on the dining room table.  See you again next week with more progress and I will discuss how I include the batting and the back.

Diamond block crazy quilt

Here is the finished quilt click on the image and you will taken to larger photo. I hope you enjoy seeing it.

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  1. Hi Sharon, even though I don’t always leave comments, but you are on my reading list and I see your progress of this most beautiful quilt. It’s going to be stunning. I love you idea. Thanks for sharing and always sharing with us – Hugs Natima

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