Could not resist sharing

Could not resist sharing

We were in Borders Bookstore yesterday and look at what they had classified under Horror. These are truly horrific books! 

Someone employed there has a sense of humour and I could not resist sharing.



  1. Hi Zandra
    Thanks fort he heads up to the Nordic Needle newsletter. I have to agree the chicken scratch is more interesting than most people think.
    Of course it was the challenge technique for stitch explorer- here is my article with many links to resources online. Many of which use chicken scratch in an unusual manner too. This is just to add to your reading as if you had nothing else to do!
    you will find it here

    Sharon B
  2. Sharon, sorry to post an e mail in this manner. Just wanted to let you know that there is a great article on Chicke Scratce in the Nordic Needle newsletter. Check out the blog they speak of as the chicken scratch is fairly unorthodox (at least to me). Zandra

  3. I’ve been trying to exercise more and eat better, and I have to say, the more I exercise the better I feel. But I’ve decided I am pretty "fed up" with those diet articles that tell you all the things you would have to do to work off that 315 calorie blueberry muffin. Not that one needs a steady diet of those muffins, but I don’t want to feel that guilty every time I eat one either. Because sometimes that just makes me want one more. Hmmm, wonder how many calories per hour can be worn off by some vigorous stitching?

    Liz Ozselcuk

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