NING news and active links in the comments field

NING news and active links in the comments field

OK I am a bit late with this, but as readers know I run Stitchin Fingers and it had a question mark over it as NING is now charging. The good news is that NING announced their new plans, and the prices seem quite reasonable.
I am sure some well placed sponsors adverts, google ads will pay the hosting costs.

In many ways these changes are good news as it means we can make things better.  I have a few ideas like hosting the stitch dictionary there and providing a place for tutorials and building a resource center for members.

Anyway I called for suggestions. If you are interested the thread is in the forum here

On another note 

Last night with a bit of poking from Ruth Palsson I finally fixed something that had been annoying me for ages. That was links left in comments were not active.

Now when you need to leave your blog link all you need to do is copy and paste the whole URL including the http://

Yep I had the wrong box checked in my settings. It took me an hour and half to figure out that I needed to “restrict HTML in comments”. Now tell me, does something that is described as “If you restrict HTML in comments, all code will be escaped” sound like it enables users to leave a live link?!!?

Anyway feel free to test it and leave a link in a comment to your textile/fiber related blog if you wish. For those doing TAST it should make browsing peoples blogs a lot easier.


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