Richard box demonstrates free hand machine embroidery

Richard box demonstrates free hand machine embroidery

In this video Richard Box demonstrates  how he progresses from  drawing to finished textile art work using free hand machine embroidery. Even if you do not do machine embroidery there are all sorts of tips and advice about drawing your design on fabric etc



  1. I took a class in the states with Richard Box in March. He demoed the technique in the video but the class was about his collage methods. It was wonderful. I was lucky to take his drawing class a couple of years ago. I should post a picture of the flower I created on SF.

    Thanks for sharing this Sharon.

    Cheryl Greenstreet
  2. I have two of his books and was especially happy to acquire Drawing and Design for Embroidery at a used book sale, because it is out of print. I much appreciate his approach, treating embroidery as art and converting art to embroidery.

    Liz Ozselcuk

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