Free vintage hand embroidery patterns

Free vintage hand embroidery patterns

As regular readers will know, I sometime re-publish cleaned up out of copyright patterns from the 1907 Herrschner Catalogue which can be found in the Antique pattern Library. This time around I found a mistake in the catalogue

Take a look at this design on page 102. I have not cleaned it up but there is a daisy motif missing on the left. 

I figures people would want a corrected version so here it is. 

I am sure crazy quilters will find particularly this pattern useful particularly if you just take a part of the design. so I decided to produce a part motif as well.


Here is another. 

This is the single motif for this one.

To save the image,  right click on the image and save to your computer.   

You will find the source of these patterns listed in the Antique pattern library in the 1907 Herrschner Catalogue. The three files are described as:

“Herrschner, Frederick. Art Needlework Supplies General Catalog. Chicago, Frederick Herrschner, c.1907, 242pgs”

If you have trouble opening the PDF files see the Antique Pattern library instructions at the top of the page as you really do need the latest version of acrobat 9.0 to view them.


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  1. i just found this blog and i love it . i want try to get back to embroidery i want do something with noah art my great nicee mom and dad went the noah art for there baby girl room. thank you for all you share isnt craft month just great but i try get back a lot more .


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