Cable Chain Stitch

Cable Chain Stitch

Cable Chain Stitch

Step by step tutorial on Cable chain stitch sample 1Cable Chain Stitch is a variation of chain stitch and also known as cable stitch. It is an easy member of the chain stitch family. And it is worked in a similar manner to basic chain stitch but with an added step of twisting the thread around the needle after each chain loop. The extra loop between chain stitches creates a link between the chains.

Cable chain is used as a linear stitch on both plain and even-weave fabrics. As with basic chain stitch, this version follows curves well. It is a pleasant stitch to work because you can develop a good easy-paced rhythm.

The sample above is an experimental piece of Cable Chain stitch worked in a variety of unusual threads. Unusual in the sense that they are threads embroiderers would not necessarily normally select. The top is hand-dyed crochet cotton that is the same thickness as cotton perle#5. Second down is a fine knitting yarn. The dark blue line in the middle of the sample is also a knitting yarn. The line of stitching second from the bottom is hand-dyed crochet cotton. The bottom line is a knitting cotton.

How to work Cable Chain Stitch

Bring the needle up through the fabric on the line you want to work.

Step by step tutorial on Cable chain stitch 1
Slip your needle under the thread as illustrated above. With the needle under the thread hold the thread with the left thumb and twist the thread around the needle once.

Step by step tutorial on Cable chain stitch 2

Point the needle back into the hole it emerged from. Push the thread down the shaft of the needle, so the loop sits close to the fabric. You want a firm but not tight loop around the needle.

Bring the needle out below the loop and wrap the thread under the needle point as you would for basic chain stitch.

Step by step tutorial on Cable chain stitch 3

Pull the thread through the fabric and you have created your first cable chain stitch.

Step by step tutorial on Cable chain stitch 4Repeat these steps along the line working a row from the top down.

Step by step tutorial on Cable chain stitch 5Cable chain stitch is a very quick and versatile stitch which is interesting on its own or worked in combination with other stitches.

You can also lace and thread this stitch with a contrasting yarn. Or you can stitch a bead to the middle of each chain.

Step by step tutorial on Cable chain stitch sample 2I hope you enjoy experimenting with this stitch.

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