Work in Progress Wednesday

Work in Progress Wednesday

crazy quilt block

In my last work in progress report when I shared this block pieced but unembellished  I mentioned that I was probably being too optimistic to get this stitched in a week.

Well here I am waving the finished block around with glee. This is my June block made for the Crazy Quilt Journal Project. Click on the image and you will see a larger version.

Next week I will get on to the July block and hopefully get closer to catching up on this challenge

By the way of a side note through the week I got an email from someone who has just read my my Tips for managing large projects and thought, I managed my time well because I was one of those well off folks that employs a cleaner. I want to make it clear dont have a cleaner, a gardener, cook, or even a dish washing machine! I am just a regular sort of person who does their own cooking, cleaning and garden. The garden is in a mess but shush… we wont talk about that!

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  1. Your block is beautiful and such different colors, it does give a wintery feel to it.
    Even if you did have some domestic help, it isn’t anyone’s business nor does it lessen all that you accomplish.
    I know those kinds of comments can be hurtful.

    Maureen in Maryland, USA
  2. I don’t remember seeing anything about having someone come in to clean. Why would anyone assume that? Wouldn’t that be loverly! (Now I’m singing!) Not that it would help me, much. My dear hubby does help with household chores — big time — and I still get distracted and disorderly. I did find the tips helpful, anyway. I need to print them out and put them where I’ll see them often… especially the one about not letting a project grow!!

    I thought I would try WIPW and was actually a bit surprised that I managed to get something done since the past couple of months have felt so unproductive. It really proves that inch by inch, bit by bit, things can get finished! Here’s my blog post http://airynothing.net/Blogs/anblog/2012/07/19/work-in-progress-wednesday (I know it’s late, but … that’s a whole ‘nother blog post, maybe.)

  3. I’ve been admiring your finished CQJP blocks; I too am behind — but mainly on TAST, rather than CQJP. One thing I have discovered: underpinning your embellishments, your basic blocks have more pieces than do mine! One of the criteria I have for mine is that each must include a piece (or pieces) of one of the men’s neckties I’ve stashed for some years. For each block, I close my eyes, reach into the stash, and pull out a different tie with which to work. Some of the prints are pretty wild, and I’ve found it very challenging to combine them with other-than-solid fabrics for a cohesive whole. Do you have any advice on this score? Thanks!

  4. Tee-hee! Your comment about employing a cleaner etc reminds me of when Chinese student friends come to our place and declare how rich we must be – basically because we keep the place as clean and tidy as it reasonable and also in decent repair!!

    Anyway, I hadn’t really paid attention to WIP Weds before, beyond looking at the pictures, but what a good idea! I don’t think my current nearing -completion-project quite qualifies, but I thought I’d share my latest hardanger scatter cushion cover here anyway as it’s Wednesday and it’s fun:

  5. Sharon, I just want to say you a lot of thanks for all what you do and share on your web-site! it’s a lot of inspirations! and a lot of new knowledge! so please dont worry from that e-mail. it’s the “other side of medal”. don’t focus on it…
    hugs and love from Russia

  6. Cheeky-what a great word-I concur having had a cleaner in the past, but not now. And I’m so jealous of the rain- we are parched except for the daily “10” drops.Regardless-I’m so intrigued by your block. It was fairly dark and sort of unappealing to my eye last week. I couldn’t imagine where I would start had it been mine. Of course it’s now fab! The SRE has brightened it up so that it’s hard to believe it’s the same piece. Good on you…yet again.

    Bette Kelley
  7. How cheeky of someone to make assumptions about you! I always thought you were just a regular person doing a hell of a good job for all of us who love your website. Ignore her.
    Sara (in the UK where the rain and heat have turned all our gardens into jungles!!!)


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