Work in Progress Wednesdays Block 26

Work in Progress Wednesdays Block 26

crazy quilt block

Last week I was taking a little break in Sydney. It was too much fun and getting back into my routine has been a challenge but I have completed block 26 in the lace block series.

Click on the image to see a larger version.

The block in the lace quilt are 7 inch blocks and there are 49 to do so I am slowly working my way through the stack of blocks I have pieces but have yet to embroider. If you want to see what this block looked like when I started you can see it here.

half bud stitch sampleSome readers might notice a different looking stitch. This is a stitch I have always wanted to explore further. It is called half bud stitch (as there is a fuller version) and I plan to include it in my next stitch module. I am quite excited as to how this worked up and what to explore it further which I will do!

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  1. Hi Sharon, that block is beautiful. I’ve just spent ages admiring your work on the larger image, there is so much to see. The half bud stitch looks fun so I’m off to look up how to do it.

    I loved the photos of you in Sydney – another place on my list of ‘would love to visit’. I hope you had a great trip.

    I posted my progress last week but forgot to link it because I was getting stressed out with all my commitments so here is my link to that post. Work has got in the way this week so no progress on anything.

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