Crazy quilt supplies

Crazy quilt supplies

screenshotHeads up for all those folks enrolled in my Crazy quilting class. I am receiving emails about where to buy supplies and particularly lace etc. I noticed that Cathy’s Crazy by Design Etsy shop has been restocked with some really nice stuff so I thought I would share it here.

I am NOT affiliated in any way and get no kick back – not even a discount in her shop and feel I can recommend her honestly. I know Cathy as I met her when I taught in the States and as a customer have found her service is good.

So if you are in the shopping mood do check out Cathy’s Crazy by Design Etsy shop. Her hand dyed laces caught my eye but browse the other areas too. I loved the swan and Carousel horse on this page.

If you have forgotten where the list of supplies needed, you can find it  here below the description of the class.


  1. Last week I bought Cathy’s two love birds in Venice lace. It came from USA to UK pretty quickly and is really beautiful. Got it for a card as my son gets married to Sarah in July and they are going to Venice on their honeymoon!

    Andy LW
  2. I have loved your work for years and aspire to be better at CQ
    Time seems to be my biggest downfall…ah tis life…
    I hope to take your Sumptuous Surface class I will know in a day or so.
    For other people who wish some places to shop for CQ supplies
    Evening Star Designs is presently having a going out of business sale. Great stuff.

    My friend has wonderful hand dyed laces at http://www.etsy.com/people/RavioleeDreams

    I have another friend with an online shop

    I have no vested interest in one shopping there only trying to help out a friend…and they have GORGEOUS stuff!

  3. I heartily concur with Sharon. Cathy’s stuff is great and her service even better and, just like Sharon, I’m just an extremely satisfied customer.

    Question for Sharon are we going to be dying (sp) the laces or using as is?

    kristie Watson

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