Work in Progress Wednesday Block 40 done

Work in Progress Wednesday Block 40 done

Block 40 Yay! I am dancing about this morning as I am pleased to have this block done!

This quilt seems to be taking forever and day to stitch but every large project is like that. Towards the end there is a mood of wanting to just get it done. I am at the “I must push through and get this done stage”. In order to make it more enjoyable I tried a few new stitches out on the block.

As usual click on the thumbnail and you will see a larger version of the block.

There are 2 stitches on this block that I will include on TAST soon. I have yet to write the tutorials but both I think are interesting stitches and both are quick to work up.

Beaded looped cretan stitch

The first stitch discovery is Beaded looped Cretan. Looped Cretan is a new stitch to me discovered in an old stitch book and I took it a step further and added a bead to the stitch process. I think it looks interesting and it was quick to do.So I will definitely write a tutorial on it and experiment more with it

stitch on Block 40

The second is buttonholed cable chain which I can see becoming a favourite as it is neat. I think it will look great in variegated or hand dyed threads too. I will experiment some more.

Buttonhole up and-down feather stitch on Block 40This detail is up and down feather buttonhole stitch which was a TAST stitch in week 61 if you follow the link there is a tutorial on how to do it.

The last detail I want to share involves a small cross stitch pattern I worked using waste canvas. The waste canvas technique is not something I use often but I think I will.

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