Changes on Pintangle – if you subscribe you need to update

I am changing the subscription service I use. Since I am not using the newsletter service so I am going to cancel it  as it is expensive to run if I don’t write newsletters regularly. I do have lots of subscribers to the blog however and the the service that delvers blog updates are linked. If I cancel one it cancels the other. The good news is I have found another way to deliver Pintangle updates.

Please re-subscribe

If you want to continue receiving Pintangle updates via email please visit the site and use the sign up to follow Pintangle in the side bar and join again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Added later. If you are on a mobile device scroll to the bottom of your screen until you see the subhead “Follow Pintangle” and subscribe from there. In both cases you will get an email asking you to confirm your subscription. Follow the link in the email and confirm. Once you do this it is good!

Added even later

I have turned off comments on this post to avoid confusion  as people are assuming that is the way to subscribe.


  1. Thanks for being an inspiration to so many; love all of the CQ stitches and information you provide. Great job! Good luck with your CQ book–can’t wait to see it.

    Patsie Blanchette
  2. I’ve re-subscribed again, Sharon. You are part of my grief management strategy and even though it is twelve months since Eddie passed away, I still need my friends’ support, yours being right up there!! Thanks for writing such interesting newsletters and for TAST which I am following and saving. Cheers, Viv

    Vivienne Garforth
  3. You are the inspiration most of us need Sharon!! I have learnt many new stitches since I found you on FB last year. I really appreciate what you do and it is indeed a great service.
    To me stitching is a therapy than a hobby…so I don’t want to lose you now.Thanks again .May God reward you for your generosity and thoughtfulness!!God Bless You!!~●Ash

    Ash Zee
  4. Hi I’m not sure either with the re subscribe but definitely don’t want to lose connection. I have just started doing hand stitches and I love your site. Thank You. Hope this works.

    Norma Frizzell
  5. I just tried the link on the sidebar, but I got a message that seems like I have “unsubscribed”. So I tried again and got the same message.

    This is the message I get:

    The email address has opted out of subscription emails.
    You can manage your preferences at
    Enter your email to subscribe to Pintangle and have delivered to your inbox when I update”


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