Twisted Lattice Band

Twisted Lattice Band

Twisted lattice band

Twisted lattice band creates an attractive band of stitching, which you can use as a border, or, if you do crazy quilting, it is a stitch that creates a quick seam embellishment. You can also work Twisted lattice band row upon row to create an interesting filling.

Work a row of double herringbone stitch Version 1 quite loosely, and space it slightly wider than normal. The lacing in the second part of this stitch will tighten the stitches slightly, and if you space the foundation stitches a little wider, it gives you room for thicker threads if you want to use them.

Form the lacing in two journeys. Please note the weaving in Twisted lattice band will not work unless you use this version of double herringbone as you need the woven crossbars for the lacing thread to sit neatly.

Use a tapestry needle to avoid splitting the foundation herringbone stitch. With this stitch, take care to lace and not to pick up any of the fabric.

How to hand embroider Twisted Lattice band

Twisted lattice band 1

To lace the foundation stitches, thread the needle under the herringbone crossbar in an upward direction as illustrated, then move across the crossed bars, turn the needle, and thread in an upward direction again.

Twisted lattice band 2

Work along the base of the herringbone foundation stitches then turn your piece and work along the top.

Twisted lattice band 3

If you experiment with different threads you can develop some really interesting effects.

Twisted lattice band 4

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  1. Love, love , love your crazy quilt book. I own quit a few crazy quilt books but this is my favorite. Easy instructions and great ideas. Great tips like using the plastic canvas. Thank you for this wonderful book and your embroidery tutorials. I am left handed and your instructions have made me a very happy stitcher.

    Dayle Carroll

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