Crazy Quilt Block 92 Pattern and Hand Embroidery Details

Crazy Quilt block 92Crazy quilt block 92 is a little on the autobiographical side as it has a small plastic charm of a house with a sold sign. It marks when we sold out house in Western Australia in order to move East. It was a good move. One of the things we did before we left was sell part of our library as transport costs were so high. I felt the fabric with a print of books on it suited the theme. What is the duck doing there? Well it is a long story but my husband used to play in band called “Mucky Duck”

As usual you can click on the block to see a larger version.

Crazy Quilt block 92 diagram

Crazy Quilt Block 92 Fabric content:

Piece 1: quilters cotton
Piece 2: Silk
Piece 3: Polycotton
Piece 4: Polycotton
Piece 5: Synthetic after 5 wear fabric
Piece 6: quilters cotton
Piece 7: velvet

Item Count: 

My personal challenge when I made this quilt was to use 2001 unique pieces of fabric, lace, braids, charms, buttons or ribbons as it is a Y2K quilt. The on going item count list below represents the items documented to date in this series of articles. In other words I am using this series to check the count!

Fabric: 7
Lace, braid and ribbon: 3
Buttons and charms: 4
Total items on this block: 14

Total tally of items on the quilt so far: 1758

Crazy Quilt Block 92 free Pattern

 Crazy Quilt block 92 pattern

How I hand embroidered the seams on Crazy Quilt Block 92

Crazy Quilt block 92 detail 595

The first detail is a little tiny section that can easily be missed. It is a seam of laced arrow stitch.

Crazy Quilt block 92 detail 597This seam  was first covered with lace then I decorated the lace with straight stitches and seed beads.

Crazy Quilt block 92 detail 598This seam is decorated with  Crossed Buttonhole worked in perle #5 thread and further decorated with floral novelty beads. I created a leaf and stem from straight stitch and detached chain stitch worked in the same perle #5 thread.

Crazy Quilt block 92 detail 599 Another way I decorated this block was to use feather stitch that is worked in a hand dyed cotton perel thread #5 and then arranged little floral spikes using detached chain stitch, and straight stitch. These are emphasied with a bright yellow bead.

Crazy Quilt block 92 detail 600On these seams I laced running stitch with rayon ribbon floss (the green thread)

Crazy Quilt block 92 detail 596

These are the buttons on the block I am often asked about buttons as I do just place them on top of embroidery or lace or braid. I situate them where I think they will look best as they draw the viewers eye to that point.

Crazy Quilt block 92 detail 601Finally here is the small house charm that provoked the block to become themed.

I dropped button box quiltIf you are a new reader to this site the I Dropped the Button Box Quilt is set with blocks that are arranged by colour in diagonal lines.   My challenge was to have all the crazy quilt blocks reading properly while also  pulling everything on the quilt from my stash!

This article is part of a series that offers a free block patterns from my crazy quilt called I dropped the button box while also documenting each block which are listed on the CQ details FAQ page. You can read more about the quilt there.

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