2020 Quilt block 23

2020 Quilt block 23

2020 quilt block 23Here I am with my next block in the challenge. Sitting in my twirly chair waving it all about as my 2020 quilt block 23 has 39 different items on it! Why is that exciting? As regular readers know the challenge is to use 2,020 different items on a quilt made by the end of the year 2020. Items can appear twice but must only be counted once. An item can be material, lace, braid etc or bead, do-dad, charm etc technique or stitch. I don’t count Seed beads, bugle beads, and regular perle #8 and perle #5 thread. To find out more about the challenge, you will find the guidelines and list of resources here. This block brings my total to 744 items. Now that I look at it I worry I am getting a bit crowded as it may be at a tipping point.

2020 quilt block 23 unembellishedThis is what the block looked like before it was embellished.


2020 quilt block 23 patternFeel free to use the block pattern of my2020 Quilt block 23 if it appeals to you. My hexagons have 4-inch sides and measure 8 inches across from point-to-point.


The item count on 2020 Quilt block 23

Total 39 items on my challenge block

The Tally from previous blocks is 705

2020 quilt block 23 brings the total of items used to date to 744.  So progress is being made!

Sharing the details on my 2020 Quilt block 23


2020 quilt block 23 detail 1In this detail readers can see how I used Laced Fly stitch down the middle of the green ribbon. I then laced it with a metallic thread and added beads to the middle of loops formed by the lacing. I added some small green sequins to the spines of the fly stitches. Along the edge of the ribbon I worked some Beaded half Buttonhole wheel. In this detail you can also see the Up and Down Buttonhole. I worked it in cotton perle #5.

2020 quilt block 23 detail 2
I hope you have enjoyed reading about my challenge with this block.  If you want to see my other blocks you can find them under the 2020 Crazy Quilt Category.

If you are interested in joining in on the challenge and sharing what you do you can share on the two Facebook groups Crazy Quilt Divas and Crazy Quilt International. Follow the links and join the groups and have fun.

Have you seen my  Stitchers Templates?

marking a seam using my stitchers Templates

As someone who loves crazy quilting and embroidery, I designed these templates with other stitchers in mind. With my templates, you can create hundreds of different patterns to apply to your stitching and crazy quilting projects. They are easy to use, totally clear so you can position them easily and they are compact in your sewing box.

To see what they look like, find out about the free ebook of patterns that come with them visit the information pages.
Or go directly to the Pintangle shop to purchase them.


I have also written a book

holding my book in front of quilt

My book The Visual Guide to Crazy Quilting Design: Simple Stitches, Stunning Results shares detailed practical methods about how to design and make a crazy quilt. From fabric choice, to balancing colour, texture and pattern, in order to balance and direct the eye around the block.  I cover how to stitch, build decorative seam treatments in interesting and creative ways. My book is profusely illustrated as my aim is to be practical and inspiring.


  1. Hi Sharon. It is more than 2 years since I’ve done any CQing, with life getting in the way, big move to Queensland etc. But, I’m back into it now, and having fun unpacking my supplies. I love your new look web site. And love the details on this block. Did you find the Shibori ribbon easy to use? And did you source it in Australia? I love the look of it in this block

    Claire Turner
    1. HI Claire thanks for the compliments about the book. The shibori ribbon was very easy to use – but I just lay it on the fabric and stitched it down with very tiny stitches. I got it from Shibori Girl but there are people on etsy who hand dye and sell it. I usually shop locally if I can, in Australia if I can and then overseas if I cant get it. To be honest often even with shipping costs some things are cheaper if I buy internationally but I do try and support local. The shibori ribbon came from overseas from here https://shiborigirl.wordpress.com/buy-shibori-ribbon/

  2. Hi Sharon
    I have been sewing my crazy quilt blocks, and I have done approx 23 so far, but not updated my blog yet, I am concerned if I am behind everybody else as I can only find your block 23.
    Many thanks

    1. HI Valerie – there is no 24 yet – I am behind as I have had trouble with my hands. At the start of lockdown I stitched too much and have had to rest them. But I am stitching again and will put more up soon. I am not going to make it unfortunately – well at this pace I won’t. If you are waiting for a pattern use one of the earlier ones and change the fabrics it will look very different.I will try and get more up soon.

    2. Hi sharon
      Ime sorry to hear about your hands I can understand how you could easily do too much.
      I was just getting worried that I was really lagging behind, I will carry on regardless I have not used the patterns so it was not this that prevented me , just life in general.
      I do enjoy doing this and each block gives me pleasure, whenever I finish it will be the 2020 quilt.
      Thanks valerie

      Valerie Rackley
      1. Hi Valerie – I will keep going on my own 2020 quilt too – For many people 2020 has been more than just a disruptive year. There are a few of us that will finish late.

    3. I also have hand trouble and while gardening enthusiastically hurt myself. My doctor prescribed a nonsteroidal topical cream called Diclofenac Sodium (I’m in the States. Very helpful.

      Marjorie Banderslice
  3. Your book was so helpful while making my hexies. My hexie friend has one, too and we compare notes. So much fun. I made 29 and 7 half hexies. So sad when they were finished. The next project is rattling around in my head. First to back them, feather stitch and assemble. They’re mini works of art, aren’t they? Thank you for your contribution from the pages of your book and on line.

    Bev. Olson
  4. I love the buckle and shibori detail, I have some similar buckles in peach or green, I’ll have to get some shibori, I didn’t know what to do with them. You are always so creative. I was going through my stash yesterday and came across the gimp dangles you made me at the Adventures in CQ Retreat 2011 that I have been treasuring, I really should use them. I have such happy memories of that experience.

    Marianne Squire-Maszer
    1. Hi Marianne – I have a few buckles I hope to use on this challenge – I too have had them sit around and I have wondered how I could use them so this is part of my personal challenge. Pleased to hear you remember the gimp dangles and the CQ retreat – the world has changed a lot since then!


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